We are a service company specialized in the analysis, design , development and implementation of software and technology solutions. Our team consists of engineers and developers with years of experience and an extensive record of successful projects.

“The best custom solution for you”
That is our goal . Always provide the best possible solution for each particular case. We know that although there are recurring and common problems in different companies, not all require the same solution. Each of our clients is a unique case that requires special personal attention. Therefore, in our philosophy it is critical to have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers and to fully understand the dynamics of each business, to be able to produce the best custom solution possible for each case.

With clients in America, Europe and Latin America , we have managed to overcome the barriers imposed by distance and form teams with members distributed in different geographical locations but work as if they were in the same physical place. Optimous has mastered the coordination of projects with distributed resources. Using tools for online meetings , VoIP, desktop sharing , video conferencing and other technologies , we eliminated the distances to work alongside our clients no matter where they are.

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